When I ride I stop often to breathe God’s canvas deep into my skin. The sky with all is its vastness pulls me in. Obsessed

Surrounded by low lying branches, ducking my head. Pushing myself as I see the River that runs alongside me. Rapids of white surrounded by God’s light

When I ride I often stop to see the turtles sunbathing a top the rocks, and ducks swimming in unison through the murky weeds. God has planted his seeds of enchantment

Surrounded by a breeze ever so gentle, yet I sure feel its touch. That wind is like faith. I can feel it, but I don’t know if it will wane or come on strong trusting in the beauty of God’s heart song

When I ride I glide, and I feel so alive. All of my anxieties melt away with each turn of my tire. I feel God’s unconditional love will never expire

Surrounded by other’s eyes set a glow, and smiles so big. I forever PERAMBULATE in God’s truth as I am immersed in it. For me there is no denying He created all that I ride through. His hands have made such a beautiful awe inspiring display. Dismay

This waterfall is part of my everyday ride, I always stop and take it in. Different every time

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1

A total eclipse of the heart

A top Mt. Spokane I rest, taking it all in! Some of the best mountain biking trails await

The sky is as blue as blue could be from atop where I sit, in respite from my 5 mile bike ride up. As if God took his painters brush, and punched it with the brightest of hues.   

Looking down atop my bike seat the expanse so vast, my eyes are stretched to the limits. Boundless is the scenery. The rolling hills green, and plentiful. An eye full, I sit quiet. Just still taking it all in. Breathing it deep into my skin. If this is what free feels like than I am indeed as free as can be.

Atop this Mountain Bike trail I am enveloped in Him, my Lord. He made all of this. Almost as if I was a finger tip away from the clouds drifting by. They majestically blanket the sky. I feel ebullient, a sober high. The best high you can get. Resting on cloud 9. 

It is a total eclipse of the heart, in the art of the nature I am immersed in. I breathe deep the Evergreen’s fresh scent. Elevation is quite high so the air is harder to come by. Sitting higher than the tree line. Devine serenity. 

Atop this moutian I find my release, next is to prepare for the downhill race. Where I am encased with wildgrass, and all sorts of flowers hitting my pedals. Down, and around the trail loops my bike scoops. I hoop through trails maze, a passerby to mountainous terrain.

Leaving only my tires dust, as I am catching air. Leaning in with each sharp turn. Grazing the dirt, and tasting the earth. My creators hand has touched everywhere. Carefree as a kid with no curfew, wonderstuck that this is me doing this downhill venture. Me braving the downhill carve with each curve, and bend. Unhinged adventure junkie.

In just right the season the Huckleberries sit ripe for the picking. Nodding my head, at the families with their 5 gallon buckets in the wilderness deep. 

Just that nod, and their waves as I passed by was recognition enough that we all were in total awe of the forest goddess.

To climb that high in the heat of the day, with very little shade along the way. Pedaling with the burn in my legs, is all worth it when atop that mountain I get to stop in respite. See God’s artists hands surround. It is a total eclipse of the heart.

It is a total eclipse of the heart

My buddy is getting ready for its last hoorah, blah blah blah

Summer is shedding its skin, the heat of the day is no longer out to play. It is saying its farewell, and allowing autumn’s introduction

Summer loving, sun kissed breeze, summer dancing in the streets. Summer loving, why must you leave? The warmth of my skin tingles from sweat beads

I have to accept that you must go, you are one of four seasons for a reason. I will miss you making my skin feel so pretty, and glowing with color

I will miss my mood enchanted with the beautiful sunrise, and sunset. That good ol’ vitamin D. Can’t you see, you and me have always been buddy-buddy

Until we meet again, summer loving. Mountain biking like a crazy mad woman. Just can’t get enough. I don’t want to have to store my bike away. Summer I so wish you could stay

I don’t want to say goodbye or bid you adieu. Get out my flannels, or put away my Keen’s. In an instant my golden colored skin, will change to white as a ghost. Weirdest thing a person ever has seen. My color just goes, as quickly as my buddy. Summer

Summer loving, summer kiss, and one last dance before we admit you are done. Dancing together to the beat of the sun