The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS July 17, 2021

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “least-favorite word.” Use your least-favorite word in your post. If you can’t decide on one, use a word that just really bugs you. Enjoy!

A word I am so burnt out on is Covid. I know many who have had it, and who have lost loved ones from it. It swept in like a tsunami, and changed our world forever.

My mom who works at the largest hospital in our city is the face of the hospital. She offers assistance to all who walk through the front doors. Her job description changed dramatically with Covid. I feared for her safety daily, as people were in her face with the loss of their own sanity. As well my mom who is almost 70, had to go to the E.R. with such high blood pressure from the stress here job now had daily. Covid changed everything.

Covid was long, and tiring in all manners. Every where, and everything revolved around Covid. Commercials, billboards, social media, news, and the like. There was no escaping our new reality of masking up, washing up, and social distancing. Stay home was brainwashed into our minds.

Although I live in faith over fear, I was mindful with just getting past breast cancer. Covid was here, and it was our life. It was real, and not a conspiracy theory. So I didn’t just think I was exempt from getting it.

We only were just opened up as a city at the end of June. So no masks finally! We are finally at 100%, and I can fill our city slowly slipping back into the way it was before the dreaded word ever came into play. We get to play again! Thank God for 2020 was one long year, the whole world had to endure!

Covid is finally not keeping us under the governments thumb. I feel a new sense of freedom.

So yeah Covid is the one word that has drained me, and I would be just fine if I never heard again as long as lived.

Can you see the beauty in God’s new creation

Blossoming kindness in the midst of seeking His face

Blossoming grace as I look upon my life, and see His imprint gently placed

They say you stop growing, but I indeed am shooting up. Blossoming into the woman God has called me to be. Just doing the next right thing

Far from perfect I stand, knowing my defects glare back at me. Shaking them off, and Blossoming just as I am

Blossoming in sweet serenity that carries me minute to minute through each day, yes in God I must remain

Blossoming you may see some wilting, and waning in color. Yet I am still growing, and knowing I need watered. For deep in the soil my roots are planted. Praying you see past the little bit of wrinkling, and pale colors. I pray you see the beauty in the flower of the blossoming shoot I am today

Blossoming just for today!

Ya snooze, ya lose…

I am His! 

My sleepy eyes pull the blankets away from my face, it is time to rise. I don’t even stretch or give my body time for pause. I don’t give my brain too much time to think before I go to prayer in surrender of myself. I don’t awaken the soul, I don’t pull back my curtains, and I don’t even answer my phone. For what awaits me outside my front door I must be spiritually prepared for

I usually quickly jump out of bed, never been one to push the snooze. My theory ya snooze, ya loose. My pot of coffee is as well waiting to be aroused. My spirit is ready to be fed. I am ready to receive what God has for me. From coffee to couch. In seek of my Father, and His word. Usually I am in need of a lengthy visit at his feet

I sit quietly absorbing my morning devotion, praying my heart be softened. My spirit enlightened, and my soul changed. I surrender ALL, as this is where I sit knowing I am no longer a prisoner to self. It is His will or the hills. I don’t run anymore. So those hills, and hiding out is not an option. I was unconditionally adopted into my new family. One of a higher calling, and following. One that requires me to be ready when I pull back my curtain, answer the ring of my phone, and even more so ready for what awaits me outside my front door.

For it is thy will not my will be done, easily distracted I can be. So discipline I have set into practice. My daily reprieve that truly excites me when my feet hit the floor. For I am no longer a prisoner to self

I am His!

I am the daughter of a King, who is not moved by the world. For my God is with me and goes before me. I do not fear because I am His” – ‘Fear not for I have redeemed you, I have called you by name, you are mine. Your are precious and honored in my sight because I love you.

Just for today I am free…

Just for today! One day at a time I am free! For this I am so very fortunate, for there used to a grave with my name etched deep into the stone. So cold

I am free!

By the grace of God just for today I am not irritable, or discontent. I don’t clamor off of chaos. I thrive off of peace, and serenity. I am free! For this I am fortunate death is not knocking at my door. Clamor, and drown in sorrow no more

I live, and reside in the solution. The cobwebs are gone but spider still exists. This is contingent solely on the maintenance of my spiritual house. Today it is clean, I have turned it all over to God. I have the tools to live in the world free! For this I am fortunate I am NOT desperately seeking my next pour, it was such a horror

I don’t have to pick up when things are not all rainbows, butterflies, or unicorns. Which in this last year few are the days of any of those, but I don’t have drink over it today. I choose honesty, willingness, and open mindedness. I choose to know I am not in charge of the show. I also have no control over people, places, or things. That makes me free! For this I am fortunate because it takes me out of self, I live on this side of the dirt

This is what God has done for me, gifted me a fellowship with the solution to live sober. Gifted me a cancer free life. He has for today set me free. For this I am fortunate I have been gifted another breath of life, new sight

With all this said I have a date with a bike, and some miles to travel where the most beautiful of time comes to absorb my Heavenly Father, and His will for my life. All this because I am free. For this I am fortunate because yesterday is gone, and tomorrow I do not yet know. Just now! Wow, amazing this is even my life. All glory to God

Just for today!

Saw a lady about a tattoo this weekend!
Rode the farthest yet! Wet from sweat 😓
My place where I can feel God, just look at it! Free!

I have this thing for speed!

I have this thing for speed, out on my bike. I must go faster, and farther than the time before

I have this thing for speed you see I set my Stava application to calculate while I ride. I must go faster, and farther than the time before

I have this thing for speed, out on my bike. I ain’t riding no trike this is a mountain bike. Gaining much strength, and endurance from a very tainted year. Pushing it hard into gear. I must go faster, and farther than the time before

I have this thing for speed, I love to ride. I have this mentality of ride hard, or go home. Each day my miles, and speed increase. It makes me feel so accomplished when I am putting my bike away. Knowing I went a little harder than the day before. I must go faster, and farther than the time before

I have this thing for speed. I desire to gain all of my arm strength back that I lost with my double mastectomy surgeries. The doctor says, “you go Lisa”! “You got this”! Ain’t no cancer surgeries going to take all my strength at 47 years years old away. I must go faster, and farther than the time before

I have this thing for speed, and I happen to know God gave me the strength to get back up after one of the longest years of my lifetime. He gave me the desire to regain all that my body has lost. He has given me the will. I must go faster, and farther than the time before

One-Liner Wednesday-overcoming suffering

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is full of also the overcoming of it.” ~Helen Keller

I chose this on this morning one year ago as I was at the hospital in the very beginning of Covid being prepped for my double mastectomy. My breast cancer journey began on April 14, 2020. I am in awe of God, and His gracious hand. He is the ultimate surgeon. I am more than grateful my husband was there as my caretaker when I came home with 8 drain tubes, and in immense physical as well mental discomfort. 4 months ago in a couple days was my last, and final surgery. I with God have overcome the suffering. I am a survivor. All glory to God!

I had many hard days full of grief, and lots of tears. I have had many days of meltdowns, that without God I could not have endured. I have learned what grief, and acceptance are in this medical crisis that came my way. This was not just something I went through alone. My husband has had his own emotions, and struggles through it all too. We persevered with strength in our loving God. For He is good, and He will not put us through anything we can’t get through. So I overcame. We overcame, and today 1 year later I am breast cancer free. I am getting back to what is my normal slowly, but surely. God truly is the ultimate surgeon, of the body and soul!

It was as if no time had passed, I longed for my Brie…finally here in the flesh. I passed the test of time..

I longed, and prayed for the day to see you again. Many years had passed, it was finally coming to an end. I would soon see you again

I longed, and prayed for the day to feel you in my arms so tight. It had to be just right

I longed for healing for both you, and I. For the past to be put to rest. God I knew knows best

I longed to know what your favorite color was. Music too. All the things that you were now into

I longed for the day I would see you again. Something promised to me if I just kept going. My skin with goosebumps, as the plans were be made. Hanging up the phone singing praise in Jesus’s name

I longed for the day a mother, and daughter would be reunited. Laughter, and overwhelming joy would be the way. No tears they had already rotted away your youth. Truth

The time came, and it was miraculous. All the promises that God had said were kept, and seeds of healing spread

The time came, we laughed. We sat side by side. It felt there had never been a lapse in time. Oh the selfies, the great faces too. I made sure after all of our time playing catch up, you knew you always had a family here. You could call on us day or night. No drunken stupor that would avoid the ring. We were here, and would be through it all. Just call

I longed for the time I could share this heart felt story. I waited patiently almost 7 years to see my beautiful first born Brie Faith. At times it killed me inside, but God always spoke through. “Keep going Lisa, this time too shall pass”. “You will see her again

This is a testament of a lady, this lady being me. I was once so spiritually sick. Lost in a bottle, I thought it was my fix. Just get licked. With that intoxication came a coma induced state, and years were up for the take. Then the time came where I had done so much damage, her heart could not bare to talk to me. She went from a teenager to a brilliant beautiful young woman. Me just patiently waiting, waiting, and waiting

This is testament of healing, and growth. That God does indeed give back the years I allowed the locusts to eat away. All because I rose above the bottle, full throttle. Worked on my daily reprieve on bended knee, keeping that bottle at bay. Working, and living in the solution of a new way of life. Without all chaos, and strife

This is a testament that with God all things are possible. I had to realize I powerless, and my life was so unmanageable. Alcohol was not my friend. Turn my will over to Him, and know that if not it would be my end. God has helped me see with so much clarity. This solution offers me serenity. As well the story of relationships renewed. Experience, strength, and hope! My life is so worth every moment spent living in the now. I longed to see her, and see her I did. Promised by God, I saw my kid

Mom & daughter selfie be still oh my heart 24 now 17 was last time I had seen her ❤️
My family was one for a few days, and she finally met her step-dad. Love at first sight. Only God could do such a beautiful thing such as this. 3 generations together again. God is indeed good!
There were tears, but not of pain. Tears of joy and reconciliation. Healing!
Brand new to him, and him to her! All this in 5 days! God gets all the praise

And now we make plans for the next time, and it couldn’t be soon enough. Man Brie you’re so tough, courageous, and absolutely radiant inside and out. Perseverance as my friend I got through this until what was the end, and finally saw you again. Amen

“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten– the great locust and the young locust, the other locusts and the locust swarm — my great army that I sent among you. ~Joel 2:25