It was as if no time had passed, I longed for my Brie…finally here in the flesh. I passed the test of time..

I longed, and prayed for the day to see you again. Many years had passed, it was finally coming to an end. I would soon see you again

I longed, and prayed for the day to feel you in my arms so tight. It had to be just right

I longed for healing for both you, and I. For the past to be put to rest. God I knew knows best

I longed to know what your favorite color was. Music too. All the things that you were now into

I longed for the day I would see you again. Something promised to me if I just kept going. My skin with goosebumps, as the plans were be made. Hanging up the phone singing praise in Jesus’s name

I longed for the day a mother, and daughter would be reunited. Laughter, and overwhelming joy would be the way. No tears they had already rotted away your youth. Truth

The time came, and it was miraculous. All the promises that God had said were kept, and seeds of healing spread

The time came, we laughed. We sat side by side. It felt there had never been a lapse in time. Oh the selfies, the great faces too. I made sure after all of our time playing catch up, you knew you always had a family here. You could call on us day or night. No drunken stupor that would avoid the ring. We were here, and would be through it all. Just call

I longed for the time I could share this heart felt story. I waited patiently almost 7 years to see my beautiful first born Brie Faith. At times it killed me inside, but God always spoke through. “Keep going Lisa, this time too shall pass”. “You will see her again

This is a testament of a lady, this lady being me. I was once so spiritually sick. Lost in a bottle, I thought it was my fix. Just get licked. With that intoxication came a coma induced state, and years were up for the take. Then the time came where I had done so much damage, her heart could not bare to talk to me. She went from a teenager to a brilliant beautiful young woman. Me just patiently waiting, waiting, and waiting

This is testament of healing, and growth. That God does indeed give back the years I allowed the locusts to eat away. All because I rose above the bottle, full throttle. Worked on my daily reprieve on bended knee, keeping that bottle at bay. Working, and living in the solution of a new way of life. Without all chaos, and strife

This is a testament that with God all things are possible. I had to realize I powerless, and my life was so unmanageable. Alcohol was not my friend. Turn my will over to Him, and know that if not it would be my end. God has helped me see with so much clarity. This solution offers me serenity. As well the story of relationships renewed. Experience, strength, and hope! My life is so worth every moment spent living in the now. I longed to see her, and see her I did. Promised by God, I saw my kid

Mom & daughter selfie be still oh my heart 24 now 17 was last time I had seen her ❤️
My family was one for a few days, and she finally met her step-dad. Love at first sight. Only God could do such a beautiful thing such as this. 3 generations together again. God is indeed good!
There were tears, but not of pain. Tears of joy and reconciliation. Healing!
Brand new to him, and him to her! All this in 5 days! God gets all the praise

And now we make plans for the next time, and it couldn’t be soon enough. Man Brie you’re so tough, courageous, and absolutely radiant inside and out. Perseverance as my friend I got through this until what was the end, and finally saw you again. Amen

“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten– the great locust and the young locust, the other locusts and the locust swarm — my great army that I sent among you. ~Joel 2:25

One-Liner Wednesday-Stand up

“Stand up for what is right even if you stand alone” ~Toby Mac

Nothing is worth compromising your beliefs. Stand up firm in the foundation of the Lord God almighty. He will guide, and arm you to be a David when fighting off your Goliath’s.

Don’t give up before the Miracle happens

As I write this my beautiful daughter Brie Faith is on a plane bound from Orlando Florida to Spokane Washington. I haven’t seen my almost 25 year old daughter in 6 1/2 years. Yet here we are in just about 10 hours she will be at my doorstep.

These are the promises I get “one day at time” by working the solution of recovery into my life. My loving God meets me in a daily reprieve, usually multiple times over throughout my day. It is “thy will not my will be done”.

There is a saying I have heard often in the rooms. It is referring to the promises, “fulfilled among us-sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly”. I kept coming back just to hear the stories of restoration of the “family afterward”. I then entrusted this to God’s timing. Even if it meant I might never see my daughter again. I trusted God knew what was best for me. He always has my best at heart, even when I can’t always see it.

I caused a lot of heartache, and damage to my children’s hearts. Some might think how outre for her to even get to be in their lives today. God is so much bigger than all of that, and me. So with a lot of patience which is a virtue I learned in the rooms of A.A. the day has arrived.

She is in route to Spokane International Airport as I write this. That is why I can never forget where I come from, and must maintain a very clean spiritual house. It is progress rather perfection, thank God. I am so far from perfect. I do know that for me to drink is to die, and lose all these amazing gifts that have been gifted to me ten-fold working the steps as well principles in my life to the very best of my ability. This is all by the grace of God, I am just a willing participant in this journey of recovery. I am amazed at the miracles that have surfaced in my life since trading the bottle for the solution.

So this mom is one happy mom, and that is why my tag line on my blog is entitled “don’t give up before the miracle happens”. 6 1/2 years since I have not hugged, seen, felt, and been in the same room with my beautiful first born baby girl. So to say God doesn’t do for us what we can’t do for ourselves, well here’s the proof! My God has prepped us both for what will be in just hours. We serve such a mighty gracious God!

I will see again! This is not where it ends. I will carry you with me! My Brie Faith

1 Peter 5:10
And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.

One-liner Wednesday-every breath is a gift

“Every breath is a gift from the giver of life”. ~S.Graves

I wake up with gratitude to my Lord and Savior for 47 years of the precious breath of life. Countless times God has sparred me when I was spiritually sick in my active alcoholism. As well this last year with my diagnosis of breast cancer.

He gives life, and He takes it away. God isn’t done with me yet, and for that today I celebrate the day He chose me to be part in this world February 17, 1974. May I be used by Him, May I be the difference today with the Holy Spirit which resides in me.

One-Liner Wednesday – it’s all going to turn out okay

“I’ve read the last page of the Bible. It’s all going to turn out all right.” ~Billy Graham

For much hope resides here, and I just keep my eyes on the prize. I rest at the foot of the cross. I know that today is where I reside with God, and His will be done. Peace and serenity can be found in an instant of surrendering my will to Him.

He said it best, there I shall find rest

I cling to this today, in a world of uncertainty I find myself in prayer. I shall not live in fear, letting go of all at the cross on Calvary.

I find solace in the throne room right at my Father’s feet. I know without a doubt I can trust my unknown future to a very known God. The world may seem crazed, I just have to keep my focus on praising Him in His name! Father “thy will be done”.

This new world order is what must be for you to fulfill things I can not see. I am on bended knee, with faith over fear. You always have our best at heart, you have it down to an art. Even though we can not see the whole picture, you are holding the finished masterpiece in the palm of your hand! On this your truth I stand!

You have true grit…you my son are simply dazzling

It is the perseverance that you carry, and the smile that you wear. Your heart of gold. You are bold beyond your years

You got up with all you could muster, life had sucked you dry. No tears left to cry. Tired of handing over all of your paychecks with not even a bed to lay your weary hard working bones. No food to keep you fed

You walked out the door, shut the door tight. No key leaving the chaotic ruins behind. Never looked back, as your heart had already took quite a beating. You were always on the back burner, you turned inward words were missed. Personality unknown to them in your home

Clothed in courage you drove miles in change of your life. Yours is an uphill climb. Nothing has come easy. You walk a step behind, but yet you still dig your toes in and begin

You have true grit, and dreams to unfold. Perseverance in your pockets, and a locket of courage around your neck. Watching you change I am truly amazed at your want for only healthy in your life

You are witty, charming, and sarcastic no doubt. I believe in you, as I have seen your once crushed spirit strutting its new self. Showing a real smile from ear to ear, here and there

Yep even through the sarcasm as your mom I see it shine, and you my son are mine. You have true grit. You got up, with perseverance as your friend, and courage as your new shoes. You have made a life brand new. Most could not will to do

Finding yourself, and who you are. Looking past the scars of your your youth. Not playing the victim. Like a cowboy takes the reigns of his horse headed for his course. You too took reign of your life. True grit

I am proud of you, and God has you! Look up, and you shall see the courage comes from above, and He is there. Your life is in the making. It is yours for the taking. God is giving you freedoms pass. True grit in all you do. Perseverance, and free at last. God is rewriting your life. In Him take take up refuge. Never be weary for a place to lay your head again 

He will give you billows of peace as you continue on. I see your smile, you can’t fool me. It is the darn cutest thing I ever have seen. Makes your mama’s heart sing

True grit..I see in you Elias my son. Best life you have had in years. Laughter, and sarcasm bringing tears. 19, and you stood up stood and your ground and never turned back around…

Your whole life is in front of you, True Grit in God will carry you through. 22 college student 3.2 G.P.A. you’re dazzling son. Let no one steal your thunder! You have proved to them all bets were off, you stood up to your life beating the odds