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September 11 Photo A Day: River rushed into a pool of metallic green, was it green with envy?

Metallic green pool of rivers rush

I have seen the Spokane river all different depths. Sometimes it flows really low, and sometimes it rides really high. Sometimes its very cold on the toes, sometimes its warmth brings a smile, and surprises. I have seen it all different shades of blue, and even a hint of gray. This day though the river was metallic green, it even had a hint of sheen. It is was beautiful, ascetically pleasing. It pooled beneath the rivers flow, and even made a little whirling sound as it went in round of the corners. It was prettiest I had ever seen that particular river. Metallic green is pretty indeed! Maybe it was green with envy?

Written for Citysonnet Photo A Day: September 11: metallic