Can you see the beauty in God’s new creation

Blossoming kindness in the midst of seeking His face

Blossoming grace as I look upon my life, and see His imprint gently placed

They say you stop growing, but I indeed am shooting up. Blossoming into the woman God has called me to be. Just doing the next right thing

Far from perfect I stand, knowing my defects glare back at me. Shaking them off, and Blossoming just as I am

Blossoming in sweet serenity that carries me minute to minute through each day, yes in God I must remain

Blossoming you may see some wilting, and waning in color. Yet I am still growing, and knowing I need watered. For deep in the soil my roots are planted. Praying you see past the little bit of wrinkling, and pale colors. I pray you see the beauty in the flower of the blossoming shoot I am today

Blossoming just for today!

Chasing after YOU!

Fresh is the morning birds song, and I might just sing along. Chirping, and swaying to the beat of my feet

Fresh is the suns yawn spreading its rays, getting ready to say, “hey it’s going to be a beautiful sunshiny day” It is a new day, a new dawn. Oh yes I can’t wait to get outside to play

Fresh is the coffee brewing in my pot, don’t stop. I believe in you, every sip I do I do. Creamy, sweet, and you give that little bit of pep in my step. You bet, I am ready for my first sip. I do not have a doughnut to dip, but oh that first sip

Fresh is the Lord’s word ready to absorb. This is not just knowledge for my head, it is a matter of the heart. Etched art, that molds my day. He is the potter, and I the clay. Every moment given to Him, for He always has my best. In this I rest

Fresh is my warm morning shower spilling over my skin. Waking me up, as well that coffee in my cup. It’s a brand new day, I am now to get ready

Fresh is the day, yesterday gone. Tomorrow not yet here. Living in the moment, closer to where I started chasing after you. One day at a time. One breath, and better yet just for today! I begin with YOU!

Closer to where I started, now chasing after YOU!


Traffic update

There are those days the traffic in my head is noisy, and disrupts my peace

Bustling aggravation the hustle, and bustle of the trains whistle. It seems so long. Does it even have a caboose. It does if I choose

On these very trying days are the days I must pray, and pray starting out my day is a must. That way the traffic comes to a halt. It just stops

No more horns, trains, sirens, and such. Just the hush of the quiet still moment God instantly provides. Peace is granted. I am to be still, and know that He is God

That traffic is of my own doing. So when things get to noisy, or busy up in my head, I must lay it to rest! I have the tools today to not over think it, or analyze it. A daily reprieve, and it starts first thing. Before the crowd, and rush of the day

Hushing myself, and being still knowing He is God. The roads are cleared, and my thoughts silenced. The Holy Spirit guides, and rises above the noise. No need for the traffic to even begin

Traffic update, all roads are closed. Streets are clear, keep moving on God will make the way for all systems go. Peace is the next sign I will see, my day is His! It is that simple, on bended knee. A daily reprieve

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

Ya snooze, ya lose…

I am His! 

My sleepy eyes pull the blankets away from my face, it is time to rise. I don’t even stretch or give my body time for pause. I don’t give my brain too much time to think before I go to prayer in surrender of myself. I don’t awaken the soul, I don’t pull back my curtains, and I don’t even answer my phone. For what awaits me outside my front door I must be spiritually prepared for

I usually quickly jump out of bed, never been one to push the snooze. My theory ya snooze, ya loose. My pot of coffee is as well waiting to be aroused. My spirit is ready to be fed. I am ready to receive what God has for me. From coffee to couch. In seek of my Father, and His word. Usually I am in need of a lengthy visit at his feet

I sit quietly absorbing my morning devotion, praying my heart be softened. My spirit enlightened, and my soul changed. I surrender ALL, as this is where I sit knowing I am no longer a prisoner to self. It is His will or the hills. I don’t run anymore. So those hills, and hiding out is not an option. I was unconditionally adopted into my new family. One of a higher calling, and following. One that requires me to be ready when I pull back my curtain, answer the ring of my phone, and even more so ready for what awaits me outside my front door.

For it is thy will not my will be done, easily distracted I can be. So discipline I have set into practice. My daily reprieve that truly excites me when my feet hit the floor. For I am no longer a prisoner to self

I am His!

I am the daughter of a King, who is not moved by the world. For my God is with me and goes before me. I do not fear because I am His” – ‘Fear not for I have redeemed you, I have called you by name, you are mine. Your are precious and honored in my sight because I love you.

Let us hug again

All too many I long to hug, this stupid Covid bug. It has taken so much of the personable touch out of all of us

Evanescent is the warmth of his arms around mine as my son walks away with mask over face, guarded in every way

I long for their sweet embrace when I see them face to face. My precious mother-in-law in her dementia state has to be told no I can’t hug mom. She longs to be hugged, and held. Instead it has to be explained to her over, and over again. As well to cover up her face.

I think we all are in miss of the sweet embrace, and look we give with the smile on our face. The eyes just seem weary, or is it mad? I can’t tell anymore, 14 months going strong. Same old song, and dance.

Evanescent this should never be, to touch, and to see is common decency. Why does this Covid bug get to take so much control. Our elderly are getting very old, and lonely are their days. Our youth need affirmation, and elbow bump just will not do. The given has us under their thumb.

Stay in, do this, do that. Yet they say we’re all in this together. As we sit here May 3rd maybe going. back a phase, watch how not together the people of my city become. Unhinged, and stripped to the core. Covid has all just hanging on by a thread.

Take off your mask mom asks, “give me hug”. We have been over it 100 times before. She will forget as soon as she is told yet again. All she longs for is to feel the touch of her kids. People are watching us too. Pressed down, and oppressed. We try to give her a glimmer of hope, but try to explain that to someone who is not even sure where she is. She just needs the touch of her kids.

We all do! Covid needs to go away, and let us have our sweet embrace, and smiles seen from face to face. Jesus keep us hanging on, knowing there is an end to this story here on earth. For this life is temporal. Help us hold on to hope in you, hugs to come. Smiles we will see…

My son, his girlfriend and myself!
My mother-in-law, husband and myself! She is so fragile!