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Behold my legacy lies within these pages of ages told

Behold the truth in the pages of this literature!

My heritage lies on my table, at my bedside, and always is at an arms reach away. I pull from it all the way back to Genesis; In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

My Bible with gold silky lined pages, marked and notated all about. Highlighters, and pens from my own memos. It sits wrapped in a burgundy bound leather. My name enscribed in gold cursive. It has traveled far inside through the stories, and outside with me always in tow.

This is my lineage in this bound leather literature. It all began with Adam and Eve. I keep it closer to me than any other reminder of who I am, who made me, and what clan I am part in. I have the red letter addition which indicates Jesus’s teachings. I use this as I map my history. To me there is nothing more beautiful than my heritage encased in my leather bound Vans Off The Wall stickered bible.

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No suit, no tie required, no shirt, no shoes, no problem…

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. . Psalm 23:5

A nibble here, and a nibble there. Nibblers everywhere. A snack attack. Bingeing, and you wonder why you are still hungry. No need to devour, take your time enjoy your meal

Why only snack in the Word. When God has a 4 plus course meal, that is to die for. It has a Beginnging, and an End. It has the most delectable gooey treats in that of Psalms. Just sugar for the heaviest of soul. Just in the New Testiment alone you have yet another meal in Matthew, Mark Luke, and John. Don’t forget the Old testament is just as good you don’t want it growing stale. So snacks, no more. Quench your hungry desires, in that of the greatest feast. So easily acquired, like a T.V dinner. No prep work, but more delicious than any world acclaimed 5 star restaurants. No reservation required, oh omnilegent are you have seconds, thirds, and fourths. Keeping coming back for more

Jesus says come I have prepared for you a meal. Supper is ready. Al la carte, and al a mode especially for the hungry. Come sit with me, and enjoy your buffet. A little souffle, and Turkish delight, don’t allow you spirit to decay. Eat until your hearts content, come back for more there is never a shortage

Best part is no suit, and tie required. Best place setting I have seen yet in that of the Bible. Also there is no sign that says, “shirt and shoes required”. Come as you are, for all can partake in the scriptures. The kitchen pantry is open 24/7. Meet with God in the throne room of heaven. Your plate is waiting, your chair already pulled from the table waiting for you to take seat, and feast with Him…Fill your soul with the meat, and wet your pallets with the living water. You’re spirit will give great recommendations of your newest found accommodations in His marvelous feast He prepared. Come sit for a bit, eat from the bread of life

But he answered, “It is written, “‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” Matthew 4:4