Say it isn’t so….SNOW!

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Say it isn’t so, old man winter is rearing its ugly head abruptly this year. I can’t remember a winter it snowed before Halloween, let alone this early since I was a kid

The city is bustling to tire shops. They will be booked out for days in service of the great swap. From regular tires, to studs. What a dud this put on all of our moods. It is just way too soon

Say it isn’t so, SNOW. A winter storm warning has been put in effect. So as well we are praying about the safety of our move. Up on the 3rd floor of very steep stairs, the slightest wet. You bet someone is bound to fall. We may be at a stall until the following weekend

Hustling in trade of autumn clothing, getting out my winter thermals. As well my beanies, boots, and gloves. It just managed to sneak up on us. So yeah we are in a fuss

Say it is isn’t so, SNOW. 26 degrees oh please allow all power to stay in tact, and the trees to still stand. They scare in read of treacherous driving conditions. Stay off the road they plead. Flu season will be rampant with the temperature dropping so drastically. Is old man winter laughing sarcastically? We are all in a state of panic, out getting all we need

Guzzling down the warmth of my coffee, getting my body ramped up to go out to get our necessities. I am no fool to winters plea. I have vivid memories of winter storm warnings. Reminded how it sweeps in with a vengeance. Mornings with an Alaskan cold front too cold or dangerous to go out, waking to the power being out. It is freaking cold, chilled to the bone. Too old to be excited with a childlike thrill. I know the drill

Say it isn’t so, SNOW. Maybe some excitement for the little kids. They love the first snowfall, the flakes all different shapes and sizes. Puffy kids bumbled in snowsuits in their front yards in build of a snowman. I guess I am too old, too cold, and honestly a little shocked

Lord God, is there any way to make this stop? I am snuggled up in my blanket. Just can’t shake this, and I believe from the news I see we were all totally caught off guard. Oh Lord this is all in your hands. For you are the creator of all the seasons, and you decided to make our winter appear. Help us ready, and trust. Help us be prepared, allow for everyone to get a slot in snow tires long appointment books. For this is really off the hook

Say it isn’t, Snow! Not yet!

“While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.” Genesis 8:22

I found my pot of gold, and I will eternally be free

I believe I have a dazzling rainbow that arches with my silhouette. Each color a representation of the emotions I now express daily because of who I am in Christ. He gave me new life, and colored me with hope. Every color in the crayon box I get to be. I scream with fluorescents, pastels, and have no doubts that I often have the brightest sheen swirled in the mix

Vivid colors, with extreme emotions. These are the depths of a life of gratitude, joy, acceptance, surrender, and love. This now life came from a nightmarish experience within my life. This rainbow was given to me in remembrance of what I was before anything spiritual gave me the life of color. The only color I could see was black, and it was a resemblance of my cold dead heart. Breathing broken glass, waiting for the world to pass. Faceless. I was asleep spiritually by my own hands. I grabbed for the black crayon daily. I melted that dark coal color deep within my skin

Today when I wake rich with vitality, I spring forth knowing the colors I possess. The fortitude I was gifted, was a miracle. God has drawn circles around me with miracles daily. I feel the rainbow, and visualize the pot of gold at the end. A perfect representation of when one day I get to meet my maker face to face. My father who rescued me from the mire, my potter, my way-maker, my Lord and savior. I found my pot of gold, and I will eternally be free

I believe I have a dazzling rainbow that arches with my silhouette. While here in this life on earth I get to live in these colors. Thrive off these colors, and know that I have found my pot of gold, and will eternally be free. So each day I am going to splash, dance, and fill my soul to over flowing as I melt these new colors deep within. I will sing in living color, for this is a rainbow of a life of gratitude, joy, acceptance, surrender, and love. The colors I wear are so magnificent the people around me have to wear shades, that is just how great the miracle of God’s work in me is. I am free and it is a daily reprieve. Each day on bended knee I have the choice of what colors, and how vivacious I wish to be in Him. Today I went bold, and bright as the sun that shines. It is all because I see the light I am no longer faceless

Matthew 25:23
“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’