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Coffee junkies

Tell me this is not artistically autumn in a cup of the best brew.

I get these surges in my brain, I can smell the pot of coffee with the drip, drip, drip of aromas perfect scent. A coffee connoisseurs electrifying wake up call.

Rushing to the pot with mug in hand, I get this compulsion I need to get that caffeine flowing through my veins. Here in the Pacific Northwest we are coffee junkies. There is a drive-thru coffee shop on just about every street corner.

Caffeine feens, and we do like the very best of beans. No Folger’s, or Maxwell House those just will not do. Maybe a little bit snobby, but it is like a hobby. We want something smooth, nutty, sweet, for morning. Maybe a little bit more robust, and bold for the afternoon. Always freshly brewed. It is quite a treat when out, and about when you get that must have coffee urge to splurge a little. Stop off at the best place that specializes in coffee art. The making of the best cup of coffee your pallets ever had. Part of our cities greatest finds. Coffee roasters set up in the most quaint little shops. Everyone dressed just as unique as the coffee itself.

Dutch Brother’s, Indaba, Atticus, Ladder Coffee, Thomas Hammer, Craven’s, just to name a few. Of course there is always Starbucks. In 1971 a quiet revolution began. In Seattle, a single store opened for business in the Pike Place Market selling premium roasted coffee beans culled from the far reaches of the globe and exotic coffee machines to brew them to perfection. Yeah we were the first, and now look at the masses. Just a little coffee history, so you can understand. It is grand! We are the home of the coffee revolution. It is our day to day to wake up me up solution in a cup.

We are definitely a people who appreciate our coffee. The bean tells a story, and gives us our morning eyes alert. Often times for me I will go to my pot off, and on all day through. It all just depends on the surges in my brain, and urges for that caffeine. Coffee junkie yes I am! Happy I live in a coffee land..