Proud to be an American, even in the most upside down times

No matter which democracy we sit under I will always be proud to be an American. This will always be where I learned “In God we trust”!

I believe no matter who is President, Jesus is King. My husband and I went to a Brantley Gilbert concert Friday night.

Amazing, and so all American is all I can say. He had the crowd singing (which I teared up) “The Star Spangled Banner”, we chanted loudly “U.S.A”! He brought our military up on stage honoring them for serving our country . For 2 plus hours I felt the most sense of normalcy since the beginning of Covid, and our new compliance mandates.

I felt so dang proud to be an American! I will never forget what this country was founded on. I will never give up my rights, or freedoms that were created by the Constitution of the United Stated of America. I live in faith over fear! I will not fear, nor will I comply if it is me giving up my individual God given rights. So wait, are we not doing my body my choice anymore? 😂. Switched it up on us, the irony in it all. I don’t believe in abortion, just in case I confused matters. The before statement is what “they” always said. Now we don’t have that right! They choose when to give it, and then when to take it away. I will not comply, because this is just the beginning of what we are signing up for complying to.

We think these are hard times, we are just at the beginning of what our world will see. So no greater time to trust God, and say God take my will, and my life. Let me serve you in every way so I can be a light in a very dark world. Let me stand tall for the ones who have been muffled by fear! Proud to be an American let me stand up free to be me!

I am so happy we decided to throw away our masks for a night, and go live life in its fullest. It was so worth it just to be brought back to the fact that not all hope is lost, and there are still others just like me. Proud to be an American.

My heart
Saluting our Troops
Ready to rock n’ roll 🎸
My step daughter & I. Me wearing my new concert t-shirt proudly

Like scarlet, let them be white as snow. Though they are as red as crimson…

“Come now, let us reason together,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool. but if you resist and rebel, you will be devoured by the sword.” For the mouth of the LORD has spoken. Isaiah 1:18

Scarlet, but watch me grow. Clean me up, and pour from my cup

Nourish my soul

I feed my body food, and pour water down my mouth to nourish my body to give it strength. I pray fully ask God to nourish my soul to. Make me whole, make me well. So I might dwell in the house of the Lord

I wake to go to Him in prayer. Humbly stating more of Him, and less of me. Lord God nourish my soul. Make me whole, let me feel your presence today. Pray, pray, pray. Make me well, so I might dwell in the house of my Lord

Just as much as my body needs food to grow. My soul can not live on bread alone, but every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. May those seeds take root, and grow wildly through my soul. Nourish me, and make me whole. Let me sit, and spiritually feast with my Father. May His table be where He meets me, and may the spiritual foods I devour give my soul fervency for another hour. Make we well so I might dwell in the house of my Lord

Again, and again I will go to His throne room as my heart needs Him. As much as I am in my own pantry looking for food when I am hungry, may I never get weary of going to Him when my heart needs to be massaged, and filled with scriptures that nourish. Make me well, so I might dwell in the house of my Lord

For if this I do all through my day, hungry body/hungry soul. I have another chance with a new day of maybe dwelling in the house of my Lord. Search my heart Oh God, and make me well. Minute by minute, hour by hour. Nourish my soul so which with you I can be full

For thee I uphold

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” Matthew 4:4

Fill me up, make me well Oh Lord

Like a kid in a candy store, you bet

I was like a kid in a candy store. Entering through the gates of Yellowstone National Park. Squeamish feet, ready to meet my first sight of wild life.

Surreal, the canvas surrounding me. Every catch of my eye, I could barely take it all in. Asking my husband in a childlike voice when do we stop?

And…there it was a field that dreams are made of filled with Buffalo. It was so surreal they were massive animals, and looked so tame. Yet said to be the most dangerous animal on the mountain.

Running from the car up the paved pathway I tripped, and fell hard. Raspberry elbow, knees, and bloodied knuckles. I was quite a sight to see, first aid kits kindly approaching me. I was up as fast as I was down (shook it off no time to fuss). I had to capture these creatures with my eyes, and to no surprise my camera. I was immersed in the most magnificent field of God’s creation. A field of dreams.

Surreal indeed from start to finish. That trip to Yellowstone did not disappoint. From Buffalo, to Buck. The icing on the cake was a Grizzly Bear. All my life living in a state where they are spotted all around. I had never seen one with my own eyes. To not fear it I would have been a fool, but to see the beautifulness it brought me to my knees in pictures take.

My eyes were awake for I was enraptured in God’s creation. Surreal as surreal gets in that park in July with all the memories I left with. You bet I was like a kid in a candy store, nature never fails to impress. God set out to create the very best! Would have been deemed insane not to invest in such a sight.

Entrance to Yellowstone
Closer than I should have been

Letting go of self

Letting go of self in all I do, taking me back to you. When I see self getting in the way I simply pray.

Letting go of self in all I do, so I can see my day through with your will not mine. Humbling letting self slip away, as to see that God knows best in His ways.

Letting go of self in all I do, it is the only way I know my day will be one of peace and serenity. More of Him, and less of me. Lord take me to my knees, letting go of self in all I do.

I do want to see this day through with only you. Letting go of self in all I do, trusting you with it all. I know you will truly see me through. More of you, and less of me. As many times as I need to go to my knees…because my life is so much easier with you!

“Then he said to them all: ‘Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.’” Luke 9:23

Oh that old telephone

Oh that old telephone cord tightly wound. All the memories of the ring, and pulling the cord as far around the dining table as it could go. In want for no one to hear the giggles, and the stories that were being told.

Oh that old telephone how dare it ring while at the dinner table. Always wishing they ask for you. Homework could wait, maybe it was the ask of a date.

Oh that old telephone it was far from a smart phone like we all carry in hand today, yet all the memories of gossip told. It was always on walls display. A finger, or arms length away.

Oh that old telephone did you have one, two, or maybe even your very own?

Oh that old telephone all I know is my kids will never have the experience of sitting up against the dining room wall for hours twiddling the cord with their thumb. Talking gibberish, laughing loud. Having to keep checking the time, because how dare you go past nine. Oh those memories are divine.

Hot, hot, hot! Frittata state of mind!

Please take notice of the 112 degrees. Plus all the other above normal temps for our cities heat index. We will breaking records. Especially for this time of the summer.

We are all bracing ourselves for a very long hot week. Praying for people without AC, fires, and dehydration. Not to mention what this hot of weather can do to peoples moods in general. God be with the city of Spokane!

It will be so hot you could cook a Frittata on the sidewalk. 😂 See what I did there. Pretty clever today, it’s because it’s not quite that hot yet. I can still think, my brain is in working mode. It may not be next week it may be scrambled into a Frittata state of mind…it’s a real thing people. 😂😂

Me ordinary, not a chance

Me ordinary nah! This I just have never been. Too much in this life to be a cookie cutter. I have never fit into any mold

Me ordinary nope not a chance. A tad sarcastic rolled in extrovert. I am a bit goofy, and laugh at my own jokes. I can get a tad loud so I have been told. Even with being 47 years old

Me ordinary that is something I hope I can say I will never be. I always hope to just be just me. Random, funny, loud, far from shy, and what you see is what you get. I will say Jesus shines through all of it. I hid for all too long. So now I live, loud and proud

Me ordinary just ain’t such a thing

You’ve got the wrong door, just for today…

I don’t drink like a lady. All it takes is one sip, and I am off to the races. That bottle in wait to rape my innocence, me oblivious. As well I will gladly take you with me to my self made hell. Oh well

Smite with each drip. Sipped turned to pour, turned to guzzle like a whore

I don’t drink like a lady. My inhibitions loose. My heart calloused, and the desires of the world worn like a string pearls

Smite I don’t drink like a lady, there just isn’t enough. As much as I was knocked down a notch with each drip I didn’t give a sh*&! As long as I couldn’t feel. Waited for its kill, the thrill

I don’t drink like a lady. Forgetting my title as wife, and mother. Slurred colorful language that usually was never heard my tongue did not hesitate. I hurt so I wanted you to hurt

Smite I don’t live there anymore. I gave up that bottle of self pity. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I envy not that prison within anymore. My chains are broke. The old woman inside of me I don’t have to be. Her day is long dead, and gone. I am redeemed…

Smite no more, today I am am free of the alcoholic whore. Grace He poured, and I drink it deep within my skin. One day at a time, I am free of my alcoholic spiritually ill suffering

Smite I don’t live there anymore, you’ve got the wrong damn door

Can you see the beauty in God’s new creation

Blossoming kindness in the midst of seeking His face

Blossoming grace as I look upon my life, and see His imprint gently placed

They say you stop growing, but I indeed am shooting up. Blossoming into the woman God has called me to be. Just doing the next right thing

Far from perfect I stand, knowing my defects glare back at me. Shaking them off, and Blossoming just as I am

Blossoming in sweet serenity that carries me minute to minute through each day, yes in God I must remain

Blossoming you may see some wilting, and waning in color. Yet I am still growing, and knowing I need watered. For deep in the soil my roots are planted. Praying you see past the little bit of wrinkling, and pale colors. I pray you see the beauty in the flower of the blossoming shoot I am today

Blossoming just for today!