A sincere thank you…


I want to thank all who have taken time to glance, stop, read, and even comment on my blog. WordPress is a delight in my life. This is where I find I am able to express myself in my truest form. I have taken my blog in a new direction this time around with adding photography which I have found so much joy in. I love seeing all of you express yourself in your beautifully penned words, and in photography too. Thank you again, Lisa M. Boyd(overjoyed)

Can you see the beauty in God’s new creation

Blossoming kindness in the midst of seeking His face

Blossoming grace as I look upon my life, and see His imprint gently placed

They say you stop growing, but I indeed am shooting up. Blossoming into the woman God has called me to be. Just doing the next right thing

Far from perfect I stand, knowing my defects glare back at me. Shaking them off, and Blossoming just as I am

Blossoming in sweet serenity that carries me minute to minute through each day, yes in God I must remain

Blossoming you may see some wilting, and waning in color. Yet I am still growing, and knowing I need watered. For deep in the soil my roots are planted. Praying you see past the little bit of wrinkling, and pale colors. I pray you see the beauty in the flower of the blossoming shoot I am today

Blossoming just for today!


I break bread today, not wine

Let me tell ya why I am bodacious today. A beautiful display of God’s love here in my story, glory be His name!

I have this ashes to beauty story that began very early on in my childhood(always wanting to be numb), and this finally came to a halt 7 1/2 years ago now.

I am bodacious about my God. Without Him I could not have admitted how powerless over alcohol I am. I could not have realized life is so much more simple when I turn it all over to Him, and let Him run the show. Let go, let God. Really that simple.

I am bodacious about my recovery. Which really the two go hand in hand. Without God I don’t have recovery, and without recovery the last thing I am in yearn for is God.

So I am a proud recovering alcoholic, who works a program of recovery with God daily in my life. I wake up, and turn it all over to God every single day. For if one day goes by I don’t do this, I might as well know it is not going to be a very peace filled day. I am simply bodacious for I am free today. That grave that was marked, and etched with my name no longer pulls me near. I am armed with the proper gear today to keep me from my own hands being my demise. One day at a time.

I don’t listen to the lies that bottle tells, all tall tales. It is 100% fail proof. Insanity, and incomprehensible demoralization with each guzzle. Muzzled! That bottle is full of decay to fill each soul full. The ones who can’t just drink one, that bottle wishes to kill that’s me. We just can’t get our fill. If spiritually ill, I have no defense. I am not exempt, I have to remain spiritually fit. Tip top shape, with my God day after day I must stay. Bodacious for my story is beast to beauty.

I break bread today, not wine. For today the bread of life keeps me whole. I will stand at the highest mountain top with the most bodacious love story that Jesus has for me. Echoing for all to hear, Jesus took a wretch like me. He brought me to my knees, and restored me back to sanity.

Ashes to beauty is my story! For my God gets all the glory! I am just a willing body, and I know what I must do to remain bodacious about my God who gifted me recovery!

And he took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me. Luke 22:19



When I ride I stop often to breathe God’s canvas deep into my skin. The sky with all is its vastness pulls me in. Obsessed

Surrounded by low lying branches, ducking my head. Pushing myself as I see the River that runs alongside me. Rapids of white surrounded by God’s light

When I ride I often stop to see the turtles sunbathing a top the rocks, and ducks swimming in unison through the murky weeds. God has planted his seeds of enchantment

Surrounded by a breeze ever so gentle, yet I sure feel its touch. That wind is like faith. I can feel it, but I don’t know if it will wane or come on strong trusting in the beauty of God’s heart song

When I ride I glide, and I feel so alive. All of my anxieties melt away with each turn of my tire. I feel God’s unconditional love will never expire

Surrounded by other’s eyes set a glow, and smiles so big. I forever PERAMBULATE in God’s truth as I am immersed in it. For me there is no denying He created all that I ride through. His hands have made such a beautiful awe inspiring display. Dismay

This waterfall is part of my everyday ride, I always stop and take it in. Different every time

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1


Chasing after YOU!

Fresh is the morning birds song, and I might just sing along. Chirping, and swaying to the beat of my feet

Fresh is the suns yawn spreading its rays, getting ready to say, “hey it’s going to be a beautiful sunshiny day” It is a new day, a new dawn. Oh yes I can’t wait to get outside to play

Fresh is the coffee brewing in my pot, don’t stop. I believe in you, every sip I do I do. Creamy, sweet, and you give that little bit of pep in my step. You bet, I am ready for my first sip. I do not have a doughnut to dip, but oh that first sip

Fresh is the Lord’s word ready to absorb. This is not just knowledge for my head, it is a matter of the heart. Etched art, that molds my day. He is the potter, and I the clay. Every moment given to Him, for He always has my best. In this I rest

Fresh is my warm morning shower spilling over my skin. Waking me up, as well that coffee in my cup. It’s a brand new day, I am now to get ready

Fresh is the day, yesterday gone. Tomorrow not yet here. Living in the moment, closer to where I started chasing after you. One day at a time. One breath, and better yet just for today! I begin with YOU!

Closer to where I started, now chasing after YOU!



Traffic update

There are those days the traffic in my head is noisy, and disrupts my peace

Bustling aggravation the hustle, and bustle of the trains whistle. It seems so long. Does it even have a caboose. It does if I choose

On these very trying days are the days I must pray, and pray starting out my day is a must. That way the traffic comes to a halt. It just stops

No more horns, trains, sirens, and such. Just the hush of the quiet still moment God instantly provides. Peace is granted. I am to be still, and know that He is God

That traffic is of my own doing. So when things get to noisy, or busy up in my head, I must lay it to rest! I have the tools today to not over think it, or analyze it. A daily reprieve, and it starts first thing. Before the crowd, and rush of the day

Hushing myself, and being still knowing He is God. The roads are cleared, and my thoughts silenced. The Holy Spirit guides, and rises above the noise. No need for the traffic to even begin

Traffic update, all roads are closed. Streets are clear, keep moving on God will make the way for all systems go. Peace is the next sign I will see, my day is His! It is that simple, on bended knee. A daily reprieve

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10


Ya snooze, ya lose…

I am His! 

My sleepy eyes pull the blankets away from my face, it is time to rise. I don’t even stretch or give my body time for pause. I don’t give my brain too much time to think before I go to prayer in surrender of myself. I don’t awaken the soul, I don’t pull back my curtains, and I don’t even answer my phone. For what awaits me outside my front door I must be spiritually prepared for

I usually quickly jump out of bed, never been one to push the snooze. My theory ya snooze, ya loose. My pot of coffee is as well waiting to be aroused. My spirit is ready to be fed. I am ready to receive what God has for me. From coffee to couch. In seek of my Father, and His word. Usually I am in need of a lengthy visit at his feet

I sit quietly absorbing my morning devotion, praying my heart be softened. My spirit enlightened, and my soul changed. I surrender ALL, as this is where I sit knowing I am no longer a prisoner to self. It is His will or the hills. I don’t run anymore. So those hills, and hiding out is not an option. I was unconditionally adopted into my new family. One of a higher calling, and following. One that requires me to be ready when I pull back my curtain, answer the ring of my phone, and even more so ready for what awaits me outside my front door.

For it is thy will not my will be done, easily distracted I can be. So discipline I have set into practice. My daily reprieve that truly excites me when my feet hit the floor. For I am no longer a prisoner to self

I am His!

I am the daughter of a King, who is not moved by the world. For my God is with me and goes before me. I do not fear because I am His” – ‘Fear not for I have redeemed you, I have called you by name, you are mine. Your are precious and honored in my sight because I love you.


He gave me a clean slate

I was barely surviving living underneath the surface had become my purpose, treading water with the weight of the world pushing me under with each move of my arms. Bled my blood for the sharks to tug of war, and pull me to shreds. I was in my hardest of hearts already dead.

I couldn’t dare look in the mirror of fear of what might stare back at me. The monster within me had been unleashed. Each guzzle of that booze I became green with envy, and woe is me was my new game. With rage bursting through my veins. The air around me felt like a cage. With each sip I slipped away into the bottle to disappear. I was my own genie.

I recall the day knew I could no longer dance with the devil. I could not dress up for his call. I did indeed fall, but knew I wanted back up. I wanted back all that I allowed to be taken away with my insane brain. Bruised, battered, and stained. I cried out for my Heavenly Father in save of my life. He heard my cries, and lifted me from my depravity. His grace surrounded me. He protected me, and guarded me until I was clean of heart to start over again with Him.

God stepped up, and in. He held me up when I was to feeble to walk. He took stock in me. He cleaned me up, wiped away the crusted years of tears. Threw away my alcoholic stank clothes. Breathed into me a new breath of life, and with that my took my fears. I could feel the warmest embrace, softest hands in touch of my face. I did not have a desire to harm myself, all I wanted to do was bask in this new found truth.

He enable~d me to see just for a moment with a new set of eyes a world I had not seen in all too many a year. Tears of joy soaked my face, I knew the wall of shame I built so high was down. I could see the crown, the prize awaits if I could keep on keeping on even at a snails pace.

I could no longer woe is me, or drink with the freaks. I was not her anymore. I was His! He heard my cries, I love the Lord! He emabled me a new life. The old was washed away that day. I realized I must ask forgiveness of the whore I was. Amazing grace of was given to me, He indeed heard my plea. He enabled me to do the next right thing, from minute to minute at first. Now those minutes have turned to years. How sweet my Father’s love for me! Tears for new life in Him, until the end…

I love the LORD, for he heard my voice; he heard my cry for mercy. Psalm 116:1

After 6 1/2 years a mother and daughter reunited by the gracious hand of God! He saved a wretch like me!


Abstinence is a must for me

I was the alcoholic who tried to so call “stop drinking” all too many times to no avail. I switched from Whiskey to Wine, I tried drinking only on the weekends. I tried weaning myself off of what I knew was surely killing me, as well making me insane. Although I could never not have it in my house, that was not an option for this drunk. How would I live without it! I couldn’t imagine.

I didn’t know how to stop drinking. I drank to live, and lived to drink. My eyes were blind, and heart was calloused. My blood had run cold, and my life was getting old. I was getting sick, and tired of being sick and tired. It was so progressive for me. I get why they say it is cunning, baffling, and powerful. Each drink made me more deaf, blind, and dumb than the drink before. Yet still I poured.

This alcoholic poison came before my God, my husband, kids, job, it literally became my all. Nothing else mattered except chasing the booze. So than I could snooze into my numb state. I always thought what if it wore off enough that I felt. Kneeling, groveling for more. I willed myself through that tonic not to feel ever.

The only answer I could find was in the room of Alcoholic’s Anonymous. It was the solution, it offered me a new way of life. When I entered through the doors I had the desperation of a dying woman willing to do whatever it took to become sober, and live this new way of life. Experience, strength, and hope of the others carried me to see this too could be me.

For me to drink is to die, this disease is progressive. If I get to August it will be 8 years sober for me. Yet this disease is still doing push ups. It wants to kill me. It wants me to give up. Give in yet again, and drink it into my skin.

I daily have to be willing to turn my life over to the care of God as I understand Him. Let Him run the show. Give Him ALL of me. It is a gift today! It is a must.

I have to be ABSTEMIOUS, better yet I have to be completely abstinent from alcohol. One drink is too many a thousand not enough”. This is 100 percent the kind of drinker I am, I am an alcoholic. I am powerless over alcohol, and my life had become unmanageable in every way.

I can’t ever forget where I come from, and what got me into the rooms. I earned that chair, and I go with great eagerness today. Meetings are by choice. I don’t want to lose what has been gifted to me in these last few years. Sober truly is a beautiful life. It’s not always easy, but it isn’t as complicated as my life when I was a drunk. I am not stuck.

All by the grace of God I chose to live in the solution, and remain abstinent from alcohol. That bottle for me, will take me to my grave. I will be the lady on the side of street flagging people for money. It’s so not funny, there goes I.

Thank you Jesus for opening my eyes to the prize that sits in the Book with the steps, and principles to live by. Meetings will always be a part of my life, and I have to remember to not become complacent. Ego will kill me, and resentments will to.

So I will continue to surrender myself to that chair, and say “hi my name is Lisa, and I am an alcoholic”.


Just for today I am free…

Just for today! One day at a time I am free! For this I am so very fortunate, for there used to a grave with my name etched deep into the stone. So cold

I am free!

By the grace of God just for today I am not irritable, or discontent. I don’t clamor off of chaos. I thrive off of peace, and serenity. I am free! For this I am fortunate death is not knocking at my door. Clamor, and drown in sorrow no more

I live, and reside in the solution. The cobwebs are gone but spider still exists. This is contingent solely on the maintenance of my spiritual house. Today it is clean, I have turned it all over to God. I have the tools to live in the world free! For this I am fortunate I am NOT desperately seeking my next pour, it was such a horror

I don’t have to pick up when things are not all rainbows, butterflies, or unicorns. Which in this last year few are the days of any of those, but I don’t have drink over it today. I choose honesty, willingness, and open mindedness. I choose to know I am not in charge of the show. I also have no control over people, places, or things. That makes me free! For this I am fortunate because it takes me out of self, I live on this side of the dirt

This is what God has done for me, gifted me a fellowship with the solution to live sober. Gifted me a cancer free life. He has for today set me free. For this I am fortunate I have been gifted another breath of life, new sight

With all this said I have a date with a bike, and some miles to travel where the most beautiful of time comes to absorb my Heavenly Father, and His will for my life. All this because I am free. For this I am fortunate because yesterday is gone, and tomorrow I do not yet know. Just now! Wow, amazing this is even my life. All glory to God

Just for today!

Saw a lady about a tattoo this weekend!
Rode the farthest yet! Wet from sweat 😓
My place where I can feel God, just look at it! Free!


I have this thing for speed!

I have this thing for speed, out on my bike. I must go faster, and farther than the time before

I have this thing for speed you see I set my Stava application to calculate while I ride. I must go faster, and farther than the time before

I have this thing for speed, out on my bike. I ain’t riding no trike this is a mountain bike. Gaining much strength, and endurance from a very tainted year. Pushing it hard into gear. I must go faster, and farther than the time before

I have this thing for speed, I love to ride. I have this mentality of ride hard, or go home. Each day my miles, and speed increase. It makes me feel so accomplished when I am putting my bike away. Knowing I went a little harder than the day before. I must go faster, and farther than the time before

I have this thing for speed. I desire to gain all of my arm strength back that I lost with my double mastectomy surgeries. The doctor says, “you go Lisa”! “You got this”! Ain’t no cancer surgeries going to take all my strength at 47 years years old away. I must go faster, and farther than the time before

I have this thing for speed, and I happen to know God gave me the strength to get back up after one of the longest years of my lifetime. He gave me the desire to regain all that my body has lost. He has given me the will. I must go faster, and farther than the time before


Me ordinary, not a chance

Me ordinary nah! This I just have never been. Too much in this life to be a cookie cutter. I have never fit into any mold

Me ordinary nope not a chance. A tad sarcastic rolled in extrovert. I am a bit goofy, and laugh at my own jokes. I can get a tad loud so I have been told. Even with being 47 years old

Me ordinary that is something I hope I can say I will never be. I always hope to just be just me. Random, funny, loud, far from shy, and what you see is what you get. I will say Jesus shines through all of it. I hid for all too long. So now I live, loud and proud

Me ordinary just ain’t such a thing


You’ve got the wrong door, just for today…

I don’t drink like a lady. All it takes is one sip, and I am off to the races. That bottle in wait to rape my innocence, me oblivious. As well I will gladly take you with me to my self made hell. Oh well

Smite with each drip. Sipped turned to pour, turned to guzzle like a whore

I don’t drink like a lady. My inhibitions loose. My heart calloused, and the desires of the world worn like a string pearls

Smite I don’t drink like a lady, there just isn’t enough. As much as I was knocked down a notch with each drip I didn’t give a sh*&! As long as I couldn’t feel. Waited for its kill, the thrill

I don’t drink like a lady. Forgetting my title as wife, and mother. Slurred colorful language that usually was never heard my tongue did not hesitate. I hurt so I wanted you to hurt

Smite I don’t live there anymore. I gave up that bottle of self pity. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I envy not that prison within anymore. My chains are broke. The old woman inside of me I don’t have to be. Her day is long dead, and gone. I am redeemed…

Smite no more, today I am am free of the alcoholic whore. Grace He poured, and I drink it deep within my skin. One day at a time, I am free of my alcoholic spiritually ill suffering

Smite I don’t live there anymore, you’ve got the wrong damn door