FOTD – August 31—Lily of the Valley


9 thoughts on “FOTD – August 31—Lily of the Valley

      1. You too my friend! Prayers are needed as I am awaiting talking to my plastic surgeon since my breast cancer and implants I have not been well. I want my implants taken out. I have hardly had a summer due to chronic fatigue, and pain. Praying he hears my cries. God needs to intervene on my behalf. My husband is going to my appointment with me, but this a topic that is not easily discussed and excused often. God bless you!

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      2. Oh no my friend😭. My heart is breaking over your pain. I’m so sorry. I know you believe he hears you; but it’s so hard in the midst of pain. My friend I cover you with prayers and will each day. I pray that the process will be swift and timely. And for comfortableness I’m conversation. Love and hugs. Bless your heart ❤️.

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