An Angel on earth, Timmy!

Have you ever spent precious time with an Angel on earth

Have you have ever had someone accentuate every part part of your being. Have you ever had your soul set fire by another human being

Have you ever smiled just because of the presence of someone in the room that warms your heart. Have you ever felt like God gifted you an Angel for a day

Well I did, Timmy! Timmy is an Angel on earth. He may not be able to communicate as we do, but his very presence accentuate’s every part of the human soul. He brings a smile, and warmth that is almost unexplainable

Have you have ever thanked God for a divine appointment with someone who gave you such an appreciation for life, because they lit you up from inside out! Well I did, I met Timmy!

Timmy and I making hearts with our hands! He is an Angel on earth! 😇


6 thoughts on “An Angel on earth, Timmy!

  1. Yes, sure he looks like an angel. Such people are a blessing. Stress and anxiety do not enter the room where they are. They heal others.

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    1. I couldn’t have said it better. This family of 10 siblings whom was is my best girlfriend lost the oldest a couple months back. Timmy is the youngest. He brings joy to even the heaviest grieving hearts. Such a blessing if you personally know an Angel on earth! 😇❣️

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